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With the complexity of today's environmental laws and reporting requirements, small to mid-sized firms find higher levels of expertise by outsourcing these jobs to environmental professionals.  They are able to share benefit and continuing education expenses with others.  The employee enjoys diversity and is generally engaged with challenges and accomplishments that are professionally rewarding.    
Reference Accounts :

Dallas County
  Environmental Program Manager  (1)
  Environmental Attorney  (1)
  Environmental Specialists  (3)

Environmental Protection Agency
  Wetland Scientist  (2)
  Weapons and Ammo recovery - Rita START Team (1)
  Field Hazard Assessors - Rita START Team (2)
  Helo Reconnaissance - Rita START Team (1) 

Hot Tip
  37 percent of surveyed executives and managers of firms that have outsourced say that cost reduction was the most important initial motivator for outsourcing.

~ Fidelity Investments survey, HR Magazine

  Approximately 60-80 percent of small business HR staff serve in a primarily administrative role, while 10 percent serve in a primarily strategic or leadership role.

~SHRM 2002 study of small businesses.

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